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Tennant i-mop Lite, Floor Scrubber, 14.5", Cordless, .8 Gallon, Disk

by Tennant
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The imop Lite is lighter than the i-mop XL, making it the smallest and lightest machine available in the i-mop range. By expanding its current range of i-mops, i-team is offering a tool with outstanding maneuverability and portability, making it perfect for mobility cleaning. The imop Lite can go in even smaller spaces than its bigger brother, the i-mop XL. From the improved control panel to the new water overflow protection mechanism, everything is designed to make it even more user-friendly. It all adds up to make cleaning, quick, simple, and fun. So let’s welcome your new co-worker to the team and start REAL cleaning.

Scrubber dryer with the flexibility of a flat mop

  • Takes tight corners with ease
  • A tight turning radius means you can clean where no auto-scrubber can go
  • Low profile deck lets you clean underneath cabinets and ledges
  • Brushes clean right up to the edge • Cleans small confined spaces
  • Very lightweight and allows you to work on multiple levels

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Kathi Kennedy
Not worth the $, wheels dont last long, needs re-engineering, parts horridly expensive.

Everything seems great at first once you get the imop lite... you can maneuver around without dragging around a cord, you can use different brushes depending on your flooring, and if a dog has an accident in the house, you can grab it and pick up after the dog. After a while you realize it doesnt really clean that great, if the solution on the floor doesnt touch the squeegee (for instance grout line in tile), it doesnt have enough suction to pick it up. The engineers who designed this machine seem to think everyone is a young spring chicken, not a middle-aged person with a bad back... everything involves bending over with this mop. To charge the battery, you have to bend over to put it in the standing position to remove the battery to then put the charger on it (off the machine). There is no charger port in the handle somewhere to plug in and top off the battery. If they absolutely had to have the battery charged off the machine, they should have also provided a wall mount adapter to be able to dock onto the charger on a wall. Also if you want to check the battery level, you have to bend over and press the button on the battery. They didnt make it stick out enough to be able to just use your toe, i have to kick my shoe off on one foot to try to feel for the button with my big toe, only to be frustrated with not getting it, and have to bend over. I cant tell you how many times my thumb got pinched in the clip that holds the battery in place, really not thought out well. Replacement parts are ridiculously priced, and you cannot purchase separate wheels for the squeegee mechanism, you can only buy the entire mechanism. The wheels are poor quality, get seized, and wear out fast. I had managed to get new wheels by the vendor where I purchased it from, but within 6 weeks, the middle wheel seized up again and a section wore off. You are better off dealing with a cord and getting a Clarke MA10-12e or Nilfisk SC100 (same machine, just a few more bells and whistles) along with a battery powered Motor Scrubber so you can scrub edges with a circular brush and do some deep spot scrubbing. The Clarke sucks well, the parts last way longer, and for the two machines, you are still spending way less on the imop lite. They need to go back to the drawing board and redesign it, they are out to lunch. They obviously never got yelled at by the school janitor for walking on "their floor" when they were mopping, because to operate this machine,with the least amount of wonky maneuvering, you are walking on the wet floor you just mopped.

I mop

Very easy to work with battery life is great. I've had nothing but issue good results with my machine does a very good job on grout good have a little bit s different brushes for grout. I'm sure they make extra add-ons for that. But I tell you what it does. A nice job on grout even does a nice job. In small patient rooms where the floors are tile. It doesn't nice nice job. It quitting cleaning things up and making things look Shiny and Clean and professional and welcoming for any customers or patients that need the use of facility.