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Aftermarket Nilfisk Advance 56370711 Thumb Nut

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Squeegee thumb nut knob. Fits Nilfisk Advance 34 RST, Adgressor, BA 750ST, BA 850ST, CMAX 28ST, Covertamatic 24-32, Hydro Retriever 2800, Hydro Retriever 3800, SC750, SC750ST, SC800, SC800ST, SC900ST, SC901

Fits Aftermarket Nilfisk Advance 56370711 Thumb Nut

Aftermarket Nilfisk Advance 56370711 Thumb Nut Fits:

34RST EcoFlex,34RST,6150 Power Sweeper,Adfinity 17ST,Adfinity 20D-AXP,Adfinity 20D-EcoFlex,Adfinity 20ST,Adfinity X20C-AXP,Adfinity X20C-EcoFlex,Adfinity X20D-AXP,Adfinity X20D-EcoFlex,Adfinity X20R,Adfinity X24D-AXP,Adfinity X24D-EcoFlex,Adgressor 2820C-AXP,Adgressor 2820C,Adgressor 2820D-AXP,Adgressor 2820D,Adgressor 3220C-AXP,Adgressor 3220C,Adgressor 3220D-AXP,Adgressor 3220D,Adgressor 3520C-AXP,Adgressor 3520C,Adgressor 3520D-AXP,Adgressor 3520D,Adgressor 3820C-AXP,Adgressor 3820C,Adgressor 3820D-AXP,Adgressor 3820D,Adhancer R28-C,Adhancer R32-C,Adhancer W28-C,Adhancer W32-C,Adphibian,Advenger 2400C,Advenger 2400D,Advenger 2600C,Advenger 2600D,Advenger 2810C-AXP,Advenger 2810C,Advenger 2810D-AXP,Advenger 2810D,Advenger 3210C-AXP,Advenger 3210C,Advenger 3210D-AXP,Advenger 3210D,AquaClean 12-115V,AquaClean 12-230V,AquaClean 15-115V,AquaClean 15-230V,AquaClean 17-115V,AquaClean 17-230V,AquaClean 18-115V,AquaClean 18-230V,AquaPLUS AXP,AquaPLUS,CMAX 28ST,CMAX 34ST,Condor 4030C-AXP,Condor 4030C,Condor 4030D-AXP,Condor 4030D,Condor 4530C-AXP Condor 4530C,Condor 4530D-AXP,Condor 4530D,Condor 4830C-AXP,Condor 4830C,Condor 4830D-AXP,Condor 4830D,Condor X4030C EcoFlex,Condor X4030D EcoFlex,Condor X4530C EcoFlex,Condor X4530D EcoFlex,Condor X4830C EcoFlex,Condor X4830D EcoFlex,Convertamatic 24C-C,Convertamatic 24D-C,Convertamatic 260B,Convertamatic 26C-C,Convertamatic 26D-C,Convertamatic 26D,Convertamatic 28C-C,Convertamatic 28D-C,Convertamatic 28D,Convertamatic 32D-C,Convertamatic X24C-C,Convertamatic X24D-C,Convertamatic X26C-C,Convertamatic X26D-C,Convertamatic X28C-C,Convertamatic X28D-C,Convertamatic X32D-C,ConvertaMAX 28,ConvertaMAX 34,Hydro-Retriever 2042,Hydro-Retriever 2052,Hydro-Retriever 2052-Max II,Hydro-Retriever 260BHD,Hydro-Retriever 2800,Hydro-Retriever 3200,Hydro-Retriever 3800,Hydro-Retriever 5000,Hydro-Retriever 5000-Max II,Hydro-Retriever 5000B,Hydro-Retriever 5010B-Hydro-Max II,HydroCat 5015,HydroCat 5015-Hydro-Max II,HydroCat 5015B,HydroCat 5015B-Hydro-Max II,I-MAX 28C,I-MAX 28HD,I-MAX 32C,I-MAX 34HD,Micromax 17B,Micromax 17E,Micromax 20B,Micromax 20DC,Micromax 20DD,Proterra,Razor 17B,Razor 20B,Razor 20BT,Razor Blade 26D,Razor Blade 28C,Razor Blade 28D,Razor Plus 24C,Razor Plus 24D,Razor Plus 26D,Razor Plus 28C,Razor Plus 28D,SC6500 1100C SBG SPECIAL,SC6500 1100C,SC6500 1100D EcoFlex,SC6500 1100D SBG SPECIAL,SC6500 1100D,SC6500 1300C,SC6500 1300D,SC6500 40C EcoFlex,SC6500 40C,SC6500 40D EcoFlex,SC6500 40D,SC6500 45C EcoFlex,SC6500 45C,SC6500 45D EcoFlex,SC6500 45D,SC6500 48C EcoFlex,SC6500 48C,SC6500 48D EcoFlex,SC6500 48D,SD 17,SD 20,SD 4317,SD 5120,Shadow 17 Two Speed,Shadow 17-120V,Shadow 17-230V/SA,Shadow 20 Two Speed,Shadow 20-120V,Shadow 20230V,Spin 17,Spin 20,SW4000,Twin Spin 17,Twin Spin 20,Warrior AXP X28C-C,Warrior AXP X28D-C,Warrior AXP X32C-C,Warrior AXP X32D-C,Warrior EcoFlex X28C-C,Warrior EcoFlex X28D-C,Warrior EcoFlex X32C-C,Warrior EcoFlex X32D-C,Warrior ST 28C-C,Warrior ST 28C,Warrior ST 28D-C,Warrior ST 28D,Warrior ST 32C,Warrior ST 32D-C,Warrior ST 32D

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James Shelton
Worked as expected

This part was the right size only wished I paid attention and ordered the washers as well because it won't work properly to keep the squeegee attachment on without them. In fact they ought to be sold together or that part recommended when ordering this one.