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Doodle Scrub with Carry Strap & Trigger - Square Scrub SS EBG-9

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Small But Mighty Cleaning Power

The Doodle Scrub EBG-9 is a small size floor scrubber machine available in cord or battery-powered versions. Featuring the same cleaning power as our bigger machines, the Doodle Scrub can reach into tighter spaces- perfect for bathrooms, edges, storage closets, and workstations. Weighing in at only 21 pounds, the Doodle Scrub by Square Scrub is ideal for compact cleaning jobs, or to provide deeper detail after using one of our larger commercial scrubbing machines. Even though the Doodle Scrub is lightweight and small floor scrubber, it packs a punch, delivering the same pounds per square inch power as the EBG-20/C! Whether you prefer a corded, or battery-operated machine, there is a Doodle Scrub for you! 

We’ve designed the Doodle Scrub to meet the cleaning needs of a wider variety of users and circumstances, with optimal versatility in mind. When you need better reach and maneuverability, our new, patented handle system offers two different ways to attach the handle to the base. This innovative EBG-9 handle provides more options, letting you use the Doodle Scrub in different configurations, and maximizing your cleaning power. Stop using an old mop and bucket to reach around tight corners- let the Doodle Scrub compact surface preparation machine tackle it for you. Empower your cleaning with electric elbow grease!

To run a facility that is safe and clean for your visitors, it’s vital that every square inch be addressed. Dirt, grime, and potentially hazardous germs can be lurking behind toilets, around lockers and showers, and in storage spaces too. The Doodle Scrub can get to all these places, and also works well on stairs! Perfect for tile, vinyl, rubber, VCT, and many other flooring materials. Don’t neglect these hard-to-reach areas- get the peace of mind that comes from a professional  commercial scrubbing machine like the Doodle Scrub!


Included Machine Specs


UL/CSA/CE Certified


Base Weight w/o Weights

19 lbs

Total Assembled Weights

21 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity

21 lbs

Powder Coated Steel Frame

10 gauge

Operating Sound Output

59 db

Power Cord

30 ft/18 gauge

Amp Draw

1.2 amps



Pad Size


Number of Isolators




Stone Care Capable




Doodle Scrub with Carry Strap & Trigger - Square Scrub SS EBG-9 Fits:

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Linda Hull
Short person

I love it . You need to make a shorter handle and more a little bit longer on the nose part of it so you can get under stuff better little thinner and in longer and it needs to balance better doesn't balance very good. Thank you Linda

Nice improvement

This little machine saves a lot of manhours. The strap on the top makes it a lot easier to handle. We just bout our second machine.

van ` vu`
Doodle square scrubber

The best tools

Michael Aviles

No issues thus far. Works very well.