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Lester Summit Series II 1050w Battery Charger

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  • Featuring Bluetooth wireless communication with apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets. View charge cycle status, select the active battery profile, upload new profiles, change between on-board and off-board, and download charge history records.
  • Automatic DC output voltage detection and adjustment. Charge 48V, 36V and 24V battery packs with a single charger.
  • Universal AC input and external DC and signal connections allow for easy customization and worldwide use.

  • Push charge histories to cloud to access data anywhere in the world. Add new charging profiles to your charger by pulling from the cloud and pushing to your charger.

     Fits Tennant 5680, 5700, 5700EE (32" disk and cylindrical models), 6100

    Summit Series II Replaces Lestronic II

    Amps @ 24V : 25A
    Amps @ 36V : 25A
    Amps @ 48V : 22A
    DC Cord : Eyelet to 50A Gray
    Battery Configuration (default) : Wet/flooded
    Battery Configuration (optional) : AGM, Gel Deep-Cycle, Lead-Acid, Lithium-ion
    Model : Summit II
    Handle : Included



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