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Clarke Vantage 14 Walk-Behind Scrubber

by Clarke
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Configuration: 84AH AGM Battery Onboard Charger Prolene Brush

The unique rotating deck, compact design, and battery-powered operation of the Clarke Vantage 14 delivers superior cleaning performance for cleaning small areas

  • Small, compact scrubber with adjustable handle for congested areas
  • High cleaning performance with high brush pressure for a small machine
  • Maneuverable design ideal for scrubbing in tight corners and under furniture

Superior cleaning. Battery mobility. Combining rugged reliability and innovative performance, the Clarke® Vantage 14 Micro Scrubber marks a breakthrough in everyday scrubbing for small, hard-to-clean areas.

Never skip those hard-to-reach areas again! The Clarke® Vantage 14 Battery Operated Micro Scrubber scrubs both backwards and forwards, allowing you to easily clean under and around obstacles.

Simply move it forward to clean and then, when needed, just flip the machine up and the patented rotating deck reverses the scrubbing direction. The Vantage 14 will leave a clean, dry floor … and a more impressive facility.

Faster, easier, more complete scrubbing

  • Patented, rotating deck enables cleaning both forward and backwards, allowing you to clean under and around obstacles
  • Battery-powered operation with onboard charger minimizes downtime and boosts cleaning productivity
  • Compact, maneuverable design allows cleaning in limited space areas
  • Brush-assisted operation does the hard pushing for you, reducing the physical labor required for cleaning
  • Removable recovery and solution tanks are easier to fill, drain and clean
  • Innovative squeegee and vacuum system provides 100% water pickup, leaving floors dry, clean, safe and ready to use

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