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Clarke MA30 13B, Floor Scrubber, 13", 1.6 Gallon, Cordless, Cylindrical, Forward and Reverse

by Clarke
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Configuration: Lithium Battery Onboard Charger Medium White Brush

The Clarke MA30 13B is a battery-operated, walk-behind floor scrubber with an easy-to-use design that provides dependable cleaning in a small scrubber.

  • Compact scrubber with the maneuverability to reach tight spaces
  • Scrubs and sweeps in a single pass
  • Small hopper is easy to empty for the ultimate in cleaning efficiency

Dump your mops and buckets! Everyday floor scrubbing and cleanups just got easier and more hygienic. With the compact, battery-powered Clarke® MA30™ 13B Micro Scrubber, you can quickly clean up small messes—or scrub entire areas—without messy mops and buckets. In just one pass, the Clarke MA30 13B sweeps, scrubs and dries, removing dirt and small debris quickly and leaving your floors clean, dry and more hygienic.

Effective. Compact. Sanitary. To operate the Clarke MA30, simply place your hands on the innovative handle touch points and engage the scrubbing action—the control panel is built right in to the handle. To increase water flow for tougher cleaning areas, simply toggle the two solution control settings. That’s it! And the Clarke MA30 Scrubber is as easy to put away as it is to use, with a compact footprint and innovative fold-over handle. The result? Fast, effective cleaning + maximum productivity. So you can quickly finish your floors and get on with your day.

Compact scrubber cleans under tables and chairs and into tight corners Innovative scrubber technology picks up water in both forward and backward directions, ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic environment and less chance of slip-and-falls Powerful, 36-Volt lithium battery provides up to 40 minutes of run time Cordless power ensures safer, easier cleaning Lightweight, tank-in-tank design makes emptying and refilling easy Adjustable, fold-over handle with touch sensors simplifies both operation and transport Wide range of accessories allow cleaning of almost any environment


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