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Clarke FM40 ST & LX Electric Orbital Floor Machines

by Clarke
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Configuration: FM40 ST Orbital Floor Machine

Powerful performance. Versatile application. Continuing the legacy of their extremely popular predecessor, the Clarke® BOS-18, Clarke® FM40™ ST & LX Floor Machines are a significant step forward for Clarke orbital scrubbing floor technology. Available in a standard ST version and a feature-rich LX edition, Clarke FM40 floor machines are engineered to give you the ultimate combination of ease of use and versatility. The result is unmatched performance in both wet and dry applications.

Don’t let their compact size fool you: Clarke FM40 ST & LX Floor Machines have full 1.5 hp motors, 160 pounds of down pressure and 3,540 rpm pad drivers. That means cleaner floors with fewer passes and less strain on your operators.

Do more, work less Featuring standardized 14-inch x 20-inch pad decks, versatile Clarke FM40 ST & LX Floor Machines are ideal replacements for a variety of other equipment, too. In addition to scrubbing small, hard-to-reach areas where large floor scrubbers are simply ineffective, Clarke FM40s also supplement Clarke scrubbers with BOOST® Technology to remove floor finish without chemicals.

With the right pads, you can even use Clarke FM40s to clean grout in bathrooms, prep or recoat gym floors, bonnet clean carpet, and burnish terrazzo, marble and concrete.

Clean baseboards, too Now you can clean baseboards without having to purchase a separate machine or, worse, getting down on your hands and knees to scrub. Clarke FM40 ST & LX floor machines come standard with an innovative baseboard cleaner that attaches to the front of the machine to provide a fast, convenient solution for those hard-to-clean baseboards.

  • 1.5 hp motor, 3,540-rpm deck and 20 x 14 inch cleaning path quickly buff wide areas
  • Three, 21-lb weights maximize down pressure and cleaning effectiveness
  • Quiet, low-vibration design (68 dB A) allows cleaning in noise-sensitive environments
  • Baseboard attachment eliminates hand cleaning baseboards
  • Wheels-up or wheels-down operating modes allow quick switching from traditional floor machine mode to back-and-forth burnisher mode (LX only)
  • Disassembles without tools to make transport between job sites easy and fast (LX only)

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